G.M.A.A. Registration Forms - 2018-2019



Here is a form with a summary of all the meeting dates as well as the entry form dates and costs for each sport.
Summary of GMAA Activities and Fees for 2018-2019

Please note that registrations for each sport are done on the S1 system. Please contact your school SAC Rep for information.
Team registration. Teams must be registered online prior to the deadline .
Player registration. Players must be registered online prior to their fist game.

Badminton Team Badminton Player
Bantam Football Team Bantam Football Player Indoor Track & Field Team Indoor Track & Field Player
Basketball Team Basketball Player Outdoor Track & Field Team Outdoor Track & Field Player
Boys Touch Football Team Boys Touch Football Player Rugby 7s Team Rugby 7s Player
Cross Country Run Team Cross Country Run Player Rugby 10s Team Rugby 10s Player
Cross Country Ski Team Cross Country Ski Player Rugby 15s Team Rugby 15s Player
Curling Team Curling Player Soccer Team Soccer Player
Field Lacrosse Team Field Lacrosse Player Softball Team Softball Player
Flag Football Team Flag Football Player Swimming Team Swimming Player
Girls Touch Football Team Girls Touch Football Player   Swimming Championships
Golf Team Golf Player Tennis Team Tennis Player
Halo High School Halo Elementary Volleyball Team Volleyball Player
Hockey Team Hockey Player Wrestling Team Wrestling Player
Futsal D1 Team Futsal D1 Player   Supplemental Player
Futsal D3 Team Futsal D3 Player    



Coaches Commitment Form will be required to be sent in with the Team Registration Forms for each team in G.M.A.A. There is one form for staff coaches and a second form to be signed by a non-staff coach and the staff member assigned to that team. No team may compete in G.M.A.A. until these forms have been submitted to the G.M.A.A. office. This procedure was passed unanimously at the June 2005 Secondary Advisory Meeting. Each Coach must submit only one form each school year to cover all sports coached during that school year.

Expectations of Coaches    Expectations of the Non-Coaching Staff Member

Staff Coaches   Non-Staff Coaches/Non-Coaching Staff Member
Staff Coaches Multiple Sports Non-Staff Coaches/Non-Coaching Staff Members Multiple Sports
Multiple Staff Coaches Multiple Non-Staff Coaches/Non-Coaching Staff Members




If you need to register another player on any of your teams, you can use the Supplementary Player Registration Form found below. This form must be filled out with the school, the sport, the students' name and birthday, signed by both the SAC rep and the principal and then faxed into the GMAA office before the student participates. Once this form is in the office, the student is considered to be registered, this can be done at any time throughout the season. (Just be aware of the minimum number of games to be eligible for playoffs.)

Supplementary Registration Form



For any Student wishing to participate in an FQSE provincial competition in any sport, the form below must be filled out, signed by both the student and their parents and sent back into the GMAA office before the deadline.

Provincial Permission Forms



Out of Region Participation Form (Authorisation Hors Région Form)

In order for any GMAA member school to enter a team into a league other than those run by the GMAA, the following form must be completed and signed by all parties before permission will be considered. 

The following statement is an excerpt from the GMAA Governing Rules: ‘In order for a GMAA member school to compete in another regional school sports association (RSEQ), the team must receive written permission from the GMAA before registering for the league.  This permission form must be signed by the SAC Rep and Principal from the GMAA member school before it is submitted to the GMAA office. 

GMAA Authorisation Hors Région Form


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