ANNEX II



PURPOSE: To ensure that all students are aware of the responsibilities and fulfill them.


1.     Students must participate fully in the programme from the start to the finish of the competition. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and sportsmanlike fashion and also show respect for their fellow competitors and all adults involved.

2.     Students and coaches will be bussed from a central location to the competition venue the day or evening prior to the competition. Coaches and students will return to the point of departure at the end of the competition.

3.     Registration will take place at the competition site upon arrival. Students must have their Medicare Card and a Student Identification card, with their photograph and date of birth.

4.     Students and coaches will sleep on the floor in classrooms (one for boys, one for girls). There will be supervisors in each classroom. Students are to be in their classroom and lights are out by 11:00pm.     Students are requested to bring a sleeping bag and an air mattress.

5.     Social activities are generally organized in the evening and in between competitions. Students are expected to act in a mature and responsible fashion at these events, and are not to leave the group of competitors (permanently or temporarily)

6.     Students must compete in all events in which they have entered and been accepted by GMAA.

7.     Students are expected to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies of the competition.

8.     For Volleyball, Basketball: The school team representing GMAA shall be accompanied by a member of that school’s staff. In the case of dual sports (Badminton) and individual sports (Cross-Country Running, Gymnastics), GMAA will appoint one coach for the team in each category. In this case, the coaches do not personally know all of the students participating. The students will be supervised by adults, the ratio being 15 students to each supervisor. For Track and Field one staff member from each school will supervise the students from that school; however a staff member may agree to assume the responsibility of up to 3 students from another school.

9.     At no time are students permitted to consume or carry drugs or liquor.



Should your child suffer from any illness or have a physical, emotional or mental handicap which would require special attention or render your child incapable of taking care of his/herself, you should not sign this form giving your child permission to participate in the Provincial school sports competition.


Students who evade their responsibility during the competition may be sent home at the parents expense and/or may be suspended from GMAA activities for at least one year; and shall be required to reimburse GMAA for the expenses incurred on their behalf. Students who make a commitment to attend the provincials and who do not will be subjected to the same sanctions.


GMAA, ESMB, LBPSB, Private Schools and the supervisors will take every reasonable measure to ensure the proper supervision and safety of the students. However, should any accident occur, the parents and the students agree not to hold the association, school board, or supervisor liable for such events.


I, ____________________________________ agree to represent the GMAA at the Federation

                      Name of Student

Quebecoise du Sport Etudiant Provincial competition in__________________________ and


____________________/______________ on _______________.

    event    /   category                                                          date    

My parents and Ihave read theforegoing and agree to assume the responsibility as noted above. My parents and I agree that I have been medically examined and classified as fit for all physical activities. Should I be unable to fulfill my responsibility, I accept the sanctions as noted above.

My Date of Birth ______________________________   Emergency Phone Numbers:    

                                        Day / Month / Year                             1:  ___________________________

Permanent Code_____________________                     2: _____________________

                                                                                           3: ___________________________

____________________________________                   ___________________________

                        School                                                                      Date:        Day / Month / Year


__________________________________                     ______________________________

     Parent’s Signature                                                                           Student’s Signature



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